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LopeCoin Meme Project Security & Responsibility

Welcome to the LopeCoin Meme Project! Below, you'll find important information regarding the project's security, risks, and responsible disclosure policies. We take the safety and integrity of our ecosystem seriously, and we encourage all participants to familiarize themselves with these guidelines.


The LopeCoin Meme Project encompasses not only the meme creation platform but also all related services and sub-projects associated with lopecoin.io. As part of our commitment to transparency and safety, we provide comprehensive information on the risks involved in investing in assets related to our services.

Project Overview

LopeCoin Meme Project operates on a blockchain-based ecosystem aimed at addressing real-world limitations through decentralization. Our platform spans various industries, including transactional services, offering decentralized solutions transcending geographical boundaries. LopeCoin serves as a reference currency within our ecosystem, facilitating transactions and interactions through smart contracts.

Investment Risks

Before engaging with LopeCoin, it's essential to understand the associated risks, including potential losses during asset supply, price fluctuations, and regulatory uncertainties. Cryptocurrency investments are subject to market volatility and lack legal tender status. Legislative and regulatory changes worldwide may impact cryptocurrency acceptance and value.

Regulatory Landscape

Cryptocurrencies face evolving regulatory environments globally. While some regions have enacted regulations like the MiCA in the European Union, others remain uncertain. Legislative changes may affect cryptocurrency markets, exchanges, and user acceptance.

Technology and Security

The underlying blockchain technology introduces unique risks, including private key management, cybersecurity threats, and vulnerabilities in smart contracts. We prioritize security and welcome contributions from the research community to enhance the integrity of our ecosystem.

Responsible Disclosure

If you discover a security issue within the LopeCoin ecosystem, we encourage you to report it responsibly. Please provide detailed reports, including proof of concept code, impact assessment, and plans for public disclosure. We commit to timely responses, open dialogues, and crediting researchers for their contributions.

Reporting Security Issues

To report security issues, please email us at info@lopecoin.io. Include well-written reports in English, proof of concept code, impact assessment, and plans for public disclosure. We pledge not to initiate legal action against researchers adhering to our responsible disclosure policy.

Out of Scope

Certain issues are considered out of scope for responsible disclosure, including scams, lost private keys, physical vulnerabilities, and social engineering attacks.

Contact Us

For any inquiries, recommendations, or security-related topics, feel free to contact us. We value your feedback and commitment to the safety of the LopeCoin ecosystem.

Thank you for your attention to these guidelines. Together, we can ensure the security and resilience of the LopeCoin Meme Project for all participants.

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