LopeCoin Meme Project AML/KYC Policy


The LopeCoin Meme Project, including its website and sub-projects, adheres to the highest standards of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance and Anti-Terrorist Financing regulations. All management and employees are required to follow these standards diligently.


  • AML: Anti Money Laundering.

  • CDD: Client Due Diligence.

  • ECDD: Enhanced Client Due Diligence.

  • PEP: Politically Exposed Person.

  • Public key: A code used to identify the client and generate their virtual currency address.

  • SCDD: Simplified Client Due Diligence.

  • Threshold: Trading limit (total volume) in EUR per client.

  • UBO: Ultimate Beneficial Owner.

  • VASP: Virtual Asset Service Providers.

  • Virtual currency: Digital representation of value accepted as a means of exchange.

  • Virtual currency address: An address/account generated from letters, numbers, and/or symbols in the blockchain.


This Policy outlines unified procedures, guidelines, and standards of internal AML control to mitigate legal, regulatory, reputational, operational, and financial risks.

Firm Policy

It is the policy of the LopeCoin Meme Project to prohibit and actively prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, or any activity facilitating these activities. We comply with all applicable regulations and continuously review and update our policies, procedures, and internal controls.


The guidelines aim to prevent the project from being used for criminal activities, manage risks, and understand user financial dealings better.


The LopeCoin Meme Project is committed to preventing the use of its services for illegal activities. We have strict policies for detecting, preventing, and reporting suspicious activities. Money laundering and terrorist financing are not tolerated.

Anti-Money Laundering Policy

The project has developed a risk-based anti-money laundering program including:

  • Written Policies

  • Customer Identification Procedures

  • Anti-Fraud Procedures

  • Record-Keeping Requirements

  • Customer Risk Assessment Procedures

  • Sanction Lists Procedures

  • Employee Training Procedures

  • On-going Customersโ€™ Activity Procedures

Risk Assessment

Key Facts

  • Verification data concerns require approval from the AML Officer.

  • Suspected money laundering or terrorist financing must be reported immediately.

Risks Leading to Refusal

  • Residing in high-risk third countries

  • Being a Politically Exposed Person (PEP)

  • Being a US-Person

  • Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) mismatch

Risks Leading to Higher Risk Level

  • Enhanced Client Due Diligence (ECDD) may be required, leading to potential termination of business relationships and reporting to authorities.

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